Kalanchoe Species Checklist

Only the African-Arabian and Madagascan species are listed

Kalanchoe adelae [Comoro Islands]
Kalanchoe alternans var. alternans [Saudi Arabia & Yemen]
Kalanchoe alternans var. lanceolata [Yemen]
Kalanchoe alticola [South Africa & Swaziland]
Kalanchoe ambolensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe angustifolia [Ethiopia]
Kalanchoe arborescens [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe aromatica var. aromatica [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe aromatica var. brevicorolla [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe aubrevillei [Kenya &Tanzania]
Kalanchoe ballyi [Kenya]
Kalanchoe beauverdii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe beharensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe bentii ssp. bentii [Yemen]
Kalanchoe bentii ssp. somalica [Somalia]
Kalanchoe bergeri [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe bipartite [Kenya & Somalia]
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe bogneri [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe boisii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe boranae [Kenya]
Kalanchoe bouvetii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe brachyloba [South Africa, Mozambique, & Zaire]
Kalanchoe bracteata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe briquetii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe campanulata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe chapototii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe citrina (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia & Yemen]
Kalanchoe crenata [Widely distributed – Africa]
Kalanchoe crundallii [South Africa]
Kalanchoe curvula [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe cymbifolia [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe daigremontiana [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe deficiens var.deficiens [Yemen]
Kalanchoe deficiens var.glabra [Yemen]
Kalanchoe delagoensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe densiflora var. densiflora [East & Central Africa]
Kalanchoe densiflora var. minor [Kenya]
Kalanchoe dinklagei [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe dyeri [Malawi]
Kalanchoe elizae [Mozambique & Malwi]
Kalanchoe eriophylla [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe fadeniorum [Kenya]
Kalanchoe farinacea [Socotra]
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe fernandesii [Mocambique]
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe germanae [Tanzania]
Kalanchoe glaucescens [Widespread East Africa to Arabia]
Kalanchoe globulifera [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe gracilipes [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe grandidieri [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe hametiorum (Mocambique)
Kalanchoe hildebrandtii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe humilis [Mozambique, Malawi & Tanzania]
Kalanchoe integrifolia [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe jongmansii ssp. ivohibensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe jongmansii ssp. jongmansii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe laciniata [East Africa to Arabia]
Kalanchoe laetivirens [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe lanceolata [South Africa to Tropical Africa, Madagascar & Arabia]
Kalanchoe lateritia [East & Central Africa]
Kalanchoe laxiflora [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe leblanciae [Mocambique]
Kalanchoe lindmanii [Angola]
Kalanchoe linearifolia [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe lobata [Zimbawe]
Kalanchoe longiflora
Kalanchoe lubangensis [Angola]
Kalanchoe luciae ssp. luciae [South Africa, Mozambique & Zimbabwe]
Kalanchoe luciae ssp. montana [South Africa & Swaziland]
Kalanchoe macrochlamys [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe mandrarensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe manginii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe marmorata [East & Central Africa]
Kalanchoe marnieriana [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe migiurtinorum [ Somalia]
Kalanchoe millotii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe miniata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe mitejea [Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda]
Kalanchoe ndotoensis [Kenya]
Kalanchoe neglecta [Southa Africa]
Kalanchoe nyikae ssp. auriculata [Kenya & Tanzania]
Kalanchoe nyikae ssp. nyikae [Kenya & Tanzania]
Kalanchoe obtusa [Kenya & Tanzania]
Kalanchoe orgyalis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe paniculata [South Africa, Zimbabwe & Mozambique]
Kalanchoe peltata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe peteri [NE Tanzania]
Kalanchoe petitiana var. neumannii [W Ethiopia]
Kalanchoe petitiana var. petitiana [Ethiopia]
Kalanchoe pinnata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe poincarei [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe prittwitzii [East & Central Africa]
Kalanchoe prolifera [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe pseudocampanulata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe pubescens [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe pumila [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe quadrangularis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe quartiniana [N Ethiopia]
Kalanchoe rhombopilosa [Madagascar
Kalanchoe robusta [Socotra]
Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe rosei [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe rotundifolia [Widespread, South Africa, Northwards to Socotra]
Kalanchoe rubella [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe salazarii [Angola]
Kalanchoe sanctula [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe scapigera [Angola]
Kalanchoe schizophylla [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe serrata [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe sexangularis [South Africa, Mozambique & Zimbabwe]
Kalanchoe stenosiphon [Ethiopia]
Kalanchoe streptantha [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe suarezensis [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe subrosulata [Kenya & Somalia]
Kalanchoe synsepala [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe teixeirae [Angola]
Kalanchoe tetraphylla [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora [South Africa & Botswana]
Kalanchoe tomentosa [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe tuberosa [Madagascar
Kalanchoe uniflora [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe usambarensis [Tanzania]
Kalanchoe velutina ssp. chimanimanensis [Zimbabwe]
Kalanchoe velutina ssp. dangeardii [Angola]
Kalanchoe velutina ssp. velutina [Angola]
Kalanchoe viguieri [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe waldheimii [Madagascar]
Kalanchoe welwitschii [Angola]
Kalanchoe wildii [Zimbabwe]
Kalanchoe yemensis [Yemen]