The plants offered

  • Our aim is to deliver top quality and choice plants.
  • The sizes of the plants offered are indicated in each category or in the description of the products.
  • All plants supplied are well grown and free of pests and diseases. The plants are lifted and cleaned before shipment.
  • By using our mother-stock, several methods of propagation are used to produce the plants available from These include tissue culture, sowing of seed and growing from cuttings.
  • A policy of our business is to contribute to the conservation of the natural succulent flora and their natural environment. By making succulent plants available to the public, the pressure on wild populations is decreased.

Export & Phytosanitary regulations

  • Please check your country’s import regulations. Phyto-sanitary certificates are required for almost all foreign countries.
  • In the case of the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan and Korea we obtain open phyto-sanitary certificates which are acceptable to authorities in the relevant regions.
  • In most other countries import permits must be obtained from the local Department of Agriculture or a similar department.
  • We can supply phytos for customers in the USA if the order is for less than 12 plants. If the order is for more than 12 plants an import permit from the US Department of Agriculture is required. The Department will also supply green-and-yellow labels so that the order can be sent to one of the inspection stations in the country.
  • The cost of a phyto-sanitary certificate is $22.00 per order independent of the number of plants.

Postage & Packaging

  • Orders are sent by airmail worldwide.
  • The cost of shipment will depend on the quantity of plants ordered, a minimum charge of $15 per order, where after an additional $0.50 per plant will be charged.
  • Plants are packed securely and sent by airmail with a tracking number for each parcel.
  • Parcels can be traced at Global Track and Trace at the following link The parcel can only be tracked until it leaves South Africa.
  • The delivery time for parcels varies greatly depending on the country. Delivery to Thailand takes about one week, to Europe it takes about two weeks and about three weeks to the USA. Healthy, well-grown plants are able to adapt after this period.

Payment Methods

  • Prices are given in US Dollars and exclude postage, and phyto-sanitary certificates.
  • Payment can be made by PayPal or by using your credit card.
  • PayPal – Simply click on the PayPal option and do the payment at checkout.
  • Credit Card – Simply click the Credit Card option and we will send you the amount in ZAR (SA Rand) with a link where your payment can be securely done.

Risk & Responsibility

  • Because of the fact that we have no control over the shipment after leaving our country, we cannot take responsibility for delays or other problems at customs or the postal systems in the country of destination.

South African Customers

  • South African customers are welcome to order from our website.
  • No phyto-sanitary costs are involved for orders from South Africa.
  • Please choose the credit card option to avoid international postage to be included, we will send you the total due in Rand.
  • Payment can then be made by Credit Card, EFT or by using PayPal, please use your order number as reference.
  • We make use of Postnet for the despatching of orders. A very convenient service offered at R99.00 for a parcel up to 5kg. This is the fastest most economical way to receive your plants, taking 2 to 4 days to most destinations.
  • For customers living in the Gauteng area, collection of your parcel at Gariep Plants can be arranged a few days in advance.